Spicy Orange Sauce

Spicy Orange Sauce

Introducing Chef Blackanese’s Spicy Orange Sauce, the perfect condiment for any dish. Our sauce is made with fresh oranges and a combination of unique spices, delivering a tantalizing kick with every bite. Discover why this sauce is a Chicago favorite and take your meals to the next level of flavor. Our spicy orange sauce is perfect for marinades, glazes, and adding that something extra to your favorite meals. Experience the unique flavor of Chef Blackanese’s Spicy Orange Sauce today and see why we’re the sauce of choice for Chicago. Our one-of-a-kind flavor is guaranteed to tantalize your tastebuds and make your meals more exciting. Come try our spicy orange sauce today and discover a flavor you won’t find anywhere else!

  • High-quality products: The renowned Dragon Inn Restaurant uses only original flavors. 
  • All Natural: Gluten-Free, Vegan, Paleo, All Natural, Grain-Free, and Dairy-Free The way it should be 
  • Only the Best Ingredients: Made with Natural Sea Salt, No MSG, Natural flavors and Preservatives Made with real chicken broth for a hearty feeling of comfort. 
  • The Mission: We craft incredible products that are unquestionably bold and delicious. Our mission is culinary alchemy—combining heat and flavor in new and exciting ways. 
  • Satisfaction Guarantee: We believe in the quality of our Chef Blackanese Sauces, and the satisfaction of our customers is our top priority.
$15.00 12 Oz Bottle

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