Chef Blackanese Cookbook

Chef Blackanese Cookbook

The Chef Blackanese Cookbook invites you to learn ancient Chinese secrets from 58-year-old recipes from Dragon Inn. Chef Blackanese will guide you as you recreate the magic in your own kitchen. With step-by-step instructions, you and your family can enjoy new and fresh Mandarin and Cantonese recipes and recreate your favorites like Orange Chicken, Three's Happiness, and Moo Shu Pork! With notes to make each dish your own, you'll never have to rely on takeout again. Quick, fun, and easy meals are at your fingertips. Enjoy!

This book was put together by Chef Blackanese and Tineja Foy. This father-daughter collaboration is nothing new. Michael Foy, aka Chef Blackanese, is a 2x Olympian and World Silver Medalist, and Tineja is an All-State Sprinter and Hurdler. They teamed up to write this masterpiece to continue their commitment to Tony Chang, which is to spread the great taste of Dragon Inn to the world. The multicultural experience at Dragon Inn has improved our family's overall experience. Thank you all for the memories.

Discover a world of flavors with the Chef Blackanese Cookbook! Enjoy traditional Chinese flavors with modern recipes that everyone will love. This cookbook features 58-year-old recipes from Dragon Inn, making it perfect for anyone looking to discover classic Chinese cooking. With step-by-step instructions, delicious recipes, and notes for personalizing each dish, the Chef Blackanese Cookbook will surely make the perfect addition to your kitchen! Get ready to enjoy your favorite Chinese classics right from your home. Buy your Chef Blackanese Cookbook today!


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