A Decades-Long Culinary Journey

A Decades-Long Culinary Journey
Chef Blackanese Food Brand presents a unique story and name behind its establishment. The founder of Dragon Inn, where Blackanese had originally served for over 30 years, bestowed the kitchen's namesake title upon him. The origin of Chef Blackanese / Michael Foy's culinary expertise derives from both Tony Chang’s teachings and his inclusive approach to international cuisines.

In tandem with our diverse backgrounds, we have impressive professional experience, boasting an MBA in management and over 30 years of leadership roles relating to restaurants and sales. Further, our deep-rooted connection with the restaurant industry has enabled a comprehensive understanding of consumer needs.

The commitment to quality and attention to detail exhibited by our diverse set of individuals is further cemented by our extensive working knowledge of Mandarin cooking, joined with our culinary knowledge of Cantonese cuisine. 

Furthermore, our expansion plan is centered around increasing employment on Chicago's South Side, enabling an increase in the number of opportunities for locals. Chef Blackanese Food Brand has laid the groundwork for cultural diversity and culinary excellence, so his success is far-reaching. The company offers a unique blend of background and expertise while simultaneously expressing a genuine desire to contribute to the community. 

The story behind Chef Blackanese Food Brand connects with its consumer base on a personal level, creating a strong emotional connection with every meal that is served. Their experience and knowledge enable them to create culinary masterpieces that will leave dinner guests with fond memories of an exceptional dining experience. Their desire to create jobs for local residents on the South Side of Chicago further expands the company's commitment to supporting the community they serve. 

Overall, Chef Blackanese Food Brand welcomes guests of all backgrounds to experience our distinct and exceptional culinary journey, backed by their positive mission to create job opportunities for the local population.